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James Douglas-Meyer

Dr. James A. Douglas

Research Director

Dr. Douglas is a teacher and a police officer by profession and is teaching criminal justice courses including Forensic Science to high school students at Kenedy High School in Kenedy Texas. He has been a licensed and commissioned police officer since 2006 and is currently serving as an Officer for the Karnes City Police Department. He was recently sworn in as the newly elected Councilman for the City of Kenedy and is a Board Member for the Karnes County Humane Organization. Academically, he has completed Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from Walden University, where his dissertation has been approved and listed on Proquest. He holds numerous college degrees in Criminal Justice from Purdue University and recently obtained a Masters of Philosophy from Walden University. Throughout his life he has made public service not only his goal but his mission. He believes in equality and is an advocate for Human Rights and the LGBTQIA+ Community. He believes in the power of family and friendship and enjoys spending time with his son.

– Dr. James A. Douglas


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Our mission is to increase the public’s awareness and understanding of criminal incidents and the discrimination faced by people from different backgrounds due to systemic injustice.

Empowering Humanity, Empowering Nation

Justice Empowers Humanity brings forth the incidents that are behind closed doors in the world of criminal justice. The web provides up-to-date blog posts containing valuable content about the criminal justice field’s different crime incidents.

Dr. Douglas-Meyer is a teacher by profession and is teaching Science and Forensics to high school students. He has been a police officer since 2009 and is currently serving in Karnes City Police Department as a reserve police officer. Academically, he has earned a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from Walden University. 

Discovery has never been easier! Today, we are committed to providing individuals with an insight into the criminal offenses and the criminal injustices in the realm of criminology.  

To bring pressing injustices to the limelight. To inform the cause and the ultimate consequences of violence, racial disparities, and systemic injustice. To empower people so they can make informed decisions based on high-quality insight. To reinforce the public trust in law enforcement. We are sure of our ability to provide quality insight always.

Promoting Justice

We aim to have a justice system that fosters safety, fairness, and equity in all American communities. Many recent violent events of prejudice, bigotry, and racism have stained the fair justice system’s reputation. We believe in the fact that the people suffering bias must have legal assistance. Also, we desire to mitigate the racial breach and establish trust and confidence within community settings. 

Revolutionize the Injustice

We envision bringing improvement in the lives of the disadvantaged population. Since we know that confinement spoils people’s livelihood while causing several health issues and adversely influences a person’s life. Being imprisoned obstructs access to basic life needs like employment opportunities, community health services, and social relationships. Thus, we aim to transfigure community individuals’ understanding to improve the justice system and the ultimate environment.

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