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Dissertation Summary

The first three chapters

Does discriminatory behavior by teachers propel African American students through the school-to-prison pipeline?

Below is a summary of my dissertation. The topic I am exploring covers a gap in study regarding the presence or absence of discrimination against African American students by teachers. The study has been completed and approved and the results have been confirmed. The research has been approved by the dissertation committee at Walden University and can be used for citing purposes. You can contact me to get a copy of the research.

Dissertation Proposal

It is the first step towards writing a PHD dissertation. Click below to see my dissertation proposal.

Dissertation Prospectus

This is the second step & it includes a submission of formal document, outlining the details of dissertation, to the committee.

Dissertation Abstract

Abstract is the summary of the whole dissertation. Before diving into this research, abstract will give a clear idea.

Chapter One

The purpose of chapter one is to give a background and introduction of the problem statement & how study will be accomplished.

Chapter Two

Chapter two or literature review researches all the peer reviewed content already available on the topic.

Chapter three

The Methodology chapter presents the research design and the sepcific procedures used in the study.

Chapter Four

Chapter 4 is the results/findings chapter. In this chapter data analysis is carried out and collected information is analyzed .

Chapter Five

The purpose of chapter 5 is to conclude the whole dissertation; give the reader a summary of everything covered earlier.


A dissertations is a long piece of academic writing based on original research, usually carried out to earn a doctorate degree.


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