Month: January 2022

Acknowledging Racism

While we have terms for people who have experienced any trauma, it is a grave fact that over 400 years of racism, we do not have a term yet for people of color who experience racial terrorism. This is a devastating and telling omission in our lexicon because it conveys how a white-dominant society in …

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Racism is Getting Filmed

We need to wonder if we would even know about George Floyd without phone videos. The incidents should make us all wonder how many more like George Floyd there are that did not get the opportunity to become martyred hashtags. Most Black people will tell you that many more unnamed martyrs than named ones. Thus, …

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Policing and Social Control

Policing strategies and problem-solving place a central part in police-community collaborations. A significant role of policing is to empower residents to exercise proactive control over the communities to prevent crime and disorder while addressing problems immediately when they begin to arise. Individuals’ feelings of vulnerability make them view police officers as ineffective and unresponsive to …

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