What is Criminal Justice and a Career in this Field?

Criminal justice is a broad term that refers to delivering justice through a proper criminal justice system to those accused of criminal conduct. The criminal justice system in the US has several institutions that ensure reforms for the criminals and justice for the victims of crimes. Police, prosecutors, courts, prison, and defense lawyers are all part of the criminal justice system in the US.

To make a criminal justice career, there are criminal justice programs in every state where anyone with the right academic background and interest can enroll and choose a career within the criminal justice field. Becoming a criminal lawyer is one of the most popular careers in criminal justice.

What is a criminal lawyer?

A criminal lawyer is a defense attorney hired when someone is accused of criminal conduct. Criminal lawyers could be prosecutors or public defenders as well. They can work for the government and individual people or organizations in a private capacity. The main goal of any criminal lawyer is to defend their client and prove innocence through proof. Now the scope of criminal justice is vast as there could be different crimes, so a criminal lawyer can choose an area of practice such as violent crimes, sex crimes, drug-related crimes, domestic violence crimes, fraud, or embezzlement to become an expert in handling particular types of crimes.

Criminal lawyers can work for the local, federal, or state government, but at the same time, some lawyers work independently and have firms that handle different types of crimes. Some lawyers get employed by private law firms and offer their services to individuals and their families, companies, and even big organizations that require a team of criminal lawyers to defend a lawsuit.

Typical competencies required to become a Criminal lawyer

If anyone wants to join the criminal justice system in the US, they should make sure to have the following skills. Have a look:

  1. Being able to communicate well: Communication is the key to becoming a lawyer. A lawyer must be able to communicate well on behalf of their client. The process of becoming a lawyer requires plenty of reading, writing, and talking, so make sure you are up to it. Also, the person should be able to communicate well even under pressure or in a stressful situation because of the job requirement.
  2. Have investigative skills: Criminal cases are just like puzzles; you have got to be smart enough to observe tiny details and put together all the pieces to make sense. If you are not the curious type nor have an interest in solving puzzles, then this field is not for you.
  3. Familiar with local laws: People who have watched Law & Order are pretty familiar with the local laws. If you are someone who likes to watch crime dramas and series, there is an excellent chance that you are familiar with many local laws. Watching such content makes one aware of the rules and even helps one gain enough competence to understand the processes of such criminal cases. This one is a prerequisite for becoming a criminal lawyer.
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