Month: March 2022

Rights of Non-Citizens

One of the most controversial issues in the past few years was Trump’s strict policies regarding immigrants. While known as the land of free, America has some of the most absurd protocols for its non-citizens, challenging the concept of fundamental human rights. The question arises that while a non-citizen or a person claiming asylum might …

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Criminal Justice System

The U.S. Criminal justice system is based upon three institutions that administer law enforcement: the police, courts, and prison. Like any other system, it has its flaws, but lately, it has been under much scrutiny and controversy because of some questionable decisions about race. 2020 was also when we saw the comeback of strong public …

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Racial Inequality

Racial Inequality It is the term used to define the American tradition that discriminates between the human races, especially between whites and blacks, Hispanics, or any other non-white community. American urban communities still have black territories and neighborhoods where most inhabitants are African American. Many of these areas have elevated degrees of poverty and unemployment. …

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