How do you become a Criminal Justice Lawyer?

The road to success is never easy, so many fresh graduates must make career choices as they approach college. They are always looking for guidance and counseling because the opportunities are limitless. Between so many choices, it is easy to confuse future prospects. If you are interested in criminal justice and want to become a criminal justice lawyer, you have landed on the right page as we are about to share brief information regarding criminal justice degrees and jobs in the US.

Prerequisites to becoming a Criminal lawyer

According to the American Bar Association, a person doesn’t have to study a specific subject to enter the law field. To become an accomplished criminal justice lawyer, you need at least four years of undergraduate study and three years of study in a law school besides the basic school education in the US. Not to mention the dreaded LSAT and Bar examination to become a lawyer. However you can study any subject during your undergraduate, but if you study topics like journalism or political science, it will give you an edge during your law school admission to criminal justice degree.

After finishing undergraduate study, a person has a choice to pursue a job or take the LSAT exam. If the person passes the LSAT exam, they can enroll in law school and study law to become a lawyer. However, clearing the LSAT is not easy. Many sources claim that only one-third of the students pass the LSAT exam. Some people even repeatedly take LSAT exams and even do jobs in the law field by becoming paralegals in various law firms.

Many people don’t like to take a break, but working in a law firm in any capacity allows people to learn and experience criminal justice cases. This type of experience boosts our chances of getting into the legal world.

After securing admission to law school

Now that you have passed the LSAT and secured admission to the criminal justice online degree or the regular one know that legal study won’t be done in the classroom. Indeed, there will be classes, but apart from that, schools will have legal clinics where law students work to complete the credit hours of professional work. Several mock trials are conducted to train the students where real-life lawyers and judges tend to participate in sharpening rookie lawyers’ skills. By doing workshops and working in the law clinic, students are trained to handle the complex world of the criminal justice system in the US. Law students have to choose a field for their specialization, and when the time comes, students can opt for criminal justice degree as it can land them a criminal justice job as a prosecutor.

After the law school

During or after law school study, each student is obliged to do an internship in a legal law firm to gain experience, and then they can get a job offer from many legal firms based on their competencies.

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