Month: May 2022

Food Insecurity

In today’s day and age, it is hard to think that a family in the U.S is deprived of food. The wealth distribution though very apparent has yet made us ignorant of the facts of our society. Food insecurity is much more prevalent than you would believe. Thirty-seven million people in the U.S faced food …

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Wealth Inequality

An epidemic that still impacts the United States is the immense wealth gap between different societies and wealth inequality. The country is divided into the same groups as most counties; the first group that is extremely well off and stable, the second with a considerable to even an admirable middle-class living, and the last one …

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Abortion Laws

Recently there has been uproar related to abortion legislation in the U.S. Some people support such legislation, while others are against it. There is widespread debate on whether such legislation qualifies the highest standard of lawmaking or is it just a republican pushed agenda that will now ruin reproductive healthcare for women. Whatever a person’s …

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