African Americans

Acknowledging Racism

While we have terms for people who have experienced any trauma, it is a grave fact that over 400 years of racism, we do not have a term yet for people of color who experience racial terrorism. This is a devastating and telling omission in our lexicon because it conveys how a white-dominant society in …

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Racism in Different Domains

Racism is multi-dimensional and is seen across various domains that mainly include education, employment, healthcare, residence, and in fact in law and justice. On top of that, it can be manifested at levels of social and institutional spaces like governance, policy implementation, service delivery, employment, recruitment, and reporting. It all ended up in the form …

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Juneteenth an Annual Celebration from Abolishment of Slavery

The holiday observance on June 19th commemorates the abolishment of slavery of the African Americans. It is celebrated to the emancipation of about four million slaves. However, many were not aware of this freedom for a certain period. It was made official when Union General Gordon Granger issued an order to free them; thus, there …

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