Racism is an Injustice in Society

Racism tends to be enabled to unwittingly perpetuate inequitable outcomes across different domains, including education, workplace, housing, healthcare, and criminal justice for racial minorities. However, democracy is based on egalitarian principles and equal representation. Racism and discrimination limit the ability of racial minorities to actively participate in social life events which were one of the …

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Racism in Healthcare and Ethical Problems

Racism today is not limited to explicit racial policies. Some discriminatory policies and practices, such as slavery, Jim Crow laws, and Apartheid, have been abolished; however, their pioneering systems remain. Besides, in the context of institutional barriers that mainly precludes equitable access, they are likely to perpetuate existing disparities in health outcomes. Racism at the …

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Unlawful Arrests of Minorities

It is true that discrimination of ethnic or racial origin violates the principle of equality and is morally wrong. The focus of equality requires that all people are equal and thus should be treated equally regardless of anything. If racial discrimination does not exist, it certainly has a historical foundation for its existence. African Americans …

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