Burglars and Intruders must be Cuffed

Burglary has been categorized as an interpersonal crime because the victim very rarely meets the burglar, but it feels very personal if you have been robbed. Foremost, the horrible financial loss, the loss of irreplaceable sentimental ornaments, and thus the feeling of intrusion in the sanctity of your home.

Most of us feel better in a couple of weeks, but that depends on the professionals such as police, CSI, and the insurance companies who have responded to us in the very early hours and how much we have been able to secure our homes afterward.

If we have had a shock, it is ubiquitous for the brain to reimagine what has happened to make sense of it. So, it’s common for people to imagine a monster entering their home, making life more difficult if you have been burgled before.

So, it’s important to remember if you have been a victim of burglary, the offender is likely to be very young, disadvantaged with a subset of misuse is probably as scared of you as you are of them. They want to leave the scene as quickly as possible and do not want to face their victims.

In a recent survey, 9/10 burglars have said they abandoned the scene if they heard someone coming. And we know that less than one percent of victims do meet face to face with their burglars.        

Frontline Defense against Burglars

The frontline defense against burglars is to secure the exterior. And there are multiple ways to reinforce your safety by installing a security system to seek protection from theft and intruders.

This act of offense disrupts persons’ security in their safe places, like homes, posing a threat to their personal property.

Protecting your home and property is essential, but that does not mean you have to research security systems before you set your system to get armed.

One could more possibly be a potential victim – highly at risk if he lacks the awareness of preventing crime or theft as invaders see your home or property place as a target.

Implementing an appropriate safety system is the primary practice to combat delinquent activities.

Considering basic crime prevention measures prevent repeated burglaries.

Most of the time, the intruders fled from the crime scene before officers’ arrival, then forensic pieces of evidence are collected for interrogation, including fingerprints, footwear marks, and others. But as technology advances, it is easier for officers to catch or trace the officer much more quickly.

Restraining and investigating cases of burglary will always be necessary. It is a dynamic criminal phenomenon because of its impacts on victims.

Causes of Increase in Burglary

The COVID outburst and the ultimate lockdown and shutdown unfolded the untold misery for people being forced to return to their native places jobless. Although it has been a tough and challenging time for most people, it appears as a blessing for the thieves in the cities.

Statistics showed emerged cases of break-in by burglars as compared to the preceding year. The invaders struck and robbed the vacant houses, whose residents left their hometowns during the lockdown period.

The cases of theft arose unabated in the lockdown period. The statistics showed many robbery cases, including mobile and wallet snatching, increase in these months compared to the corresponding period in the previous year.

Law enforcement agents reported a loss of livelihood as the significant reason for the surge in criminal activities like theft, snatching, robbery, and burglary. Though most of the suspects were professional offenders, some were forced to commit crimes because of the income sources’ closure.

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