Gun Violence

With the spike in gun violence seen throughout the states, considerably in Iowa, Wisconsin, Buffalo, and lastly, Uvalde, it is safe to assume that the current system of mandated guns is ineffective. Although the constitution does provide the right to defend oneself, pro-gun activists have long exploited this rule and allowed for assault rifles to be still sold to the public.

A handgun is more than sufficient for a person to protect themselves from an aggressor. The use of automatic guns and guns with large magazines are entirely unjustified and further encourage mass murder incidents like these throughout the states. In addition to the lax background checks enforced by the government, which can already be easily bypassed through illegal means, allowing people to roam with assault guns further increases the risk of such incidents.

Although gun activists tend to propose the “fight fire by fire” mentality by saying that providing guns with adequate training would help suppress such incidents, we can see how being relaxed on the enforcement of these guns has resulted. With mass murder events occurring weekly throughout the states, it is evident that instead of using fire to fight fire, we should take away the source and avoid all the mess in the first place. Through more vigorous enforcement of automatic and large magazine weapons, we can ensure that incidents like these are less likely to occur.

In addition to making it difficult for a perpetrator to execute a mass shooting with a smaller magazine and lower fire rate, it would allow more time for proper authorities to apprehend the suspect and thus resolve the issue without needless casualties. Although the second amendment is correct in its speech for people’s right to bear arms, it was established at a time when rapid-fire weapons did not exist. Using the amendment as an excuse to have civilians take the law into their hands and resolve school shootings issues is both ridiculous and highly unlikely.

Congress must act on President Biden’s request for stricter gun control laws and an expansion of the already mandated background checks. Gun manufacturers being sued is also another significant point mentioned by Biden. If the suffering and agony of regular, hardworking Americans do not move them to create change in their policies, the frequent lawsuits inflicted on them by these incidents certainly will.

Gun Activists have inflicted casualties on this country for far too long, and their activism has done no good but further encourages the ruthless monsters to do mass shootings. Although we did not have a direct say in the matter, our tolerance of assault rifles like the AR-15 and relaxation over gun ownership has worsened the country’s mass violence situation to worsen exponentially. It is time to act now because if we do not get serious this time, we will have double the mass shootings and homicides to deal with next year.


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