Sexuality and Gender Identity

One of the most fundamental rights that an individual can expect in a peaceful society is to be treated with respect and equality regardless of religion, color, caste, creed, gender identity, and even sexuality. There are many treaties and conventions that the United States has ratified which reinforce such ideals. The issue remains within our tightly-knit legislation, which makes the concept of amendments almost impossible. Individuals face discrimination by authorities and power figures not only for their sexuality but for something as sensitive as gender identity.

When we discuss discrimination, it is prevalent in all forms. It does not imply that an individual violently refuses a person’s service due to their sexual orientation. However, it means that mainstream and conventional ideology regarding gender and sexuality is so enforced in our systems and legislation that many institutions such as hospitals, workplaces, and even schools showcase prejudiced behaviors to a person who is not of cis-gender or heterosexual. The absurdity and discrimination have spread to an amount that not only are people willing to accept concepts of modern society, but senators have introduced more than a hundred bills that affect the many essential rights of people of other gender identities, i.e., transgender, non-binary people, etc.

3 in every 10 LGBTQ members face difficulty accessing healthcare services due to the prejudice they face from care providers. Many people are forced to stay silent and remain secret about their gender identity and sexuality to avoid discrimination in the workplace. There is active legislation going on that is targeting the violation of many fundamental human rights for such people.

Research by the NORC shows that members of the LGBTQ community who were also POC faced discrimination by healthcare service providers more than non-POCs and had a higher ratio of mental disorders like anxiety and depression linked to their sexuality and gender identity. Currently, it is obvious that the United States considers this particular community as a leftist agenda but what is at compromise here are human rights. While these differences between ideologies will remain till the end of time, the human rights of individuals must not be diminished due to such differences. It would be in the best interest of citizens to not encourage malicious legislation that is harming a human being’s fundamental right.

Not only are LGBTQ adults being targeted, but according to a study conducted by the University of Chicago in 2020, it was deducted that 56 percent of children face discrimination due to their sexual orientation and gender identity not only at school but at their part-time jobs. These children are targeted for malicious bullying, hazing, and an early target for hate crimes by other ignorant children and old-fashioned adults. While it is a whole different conversation when a child is old enough to decide their sexuality or identify with a gender, it is still essential to growing in an encouraging and supportive environment rather than a hateful one.


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