White Supremacy

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion… People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love..” ~ Nelson Mandela

White supremacists are responsible for the ideologically inspired extremists. In the preceding year, white supremacists are responsible for around 29 homicides.

The enforcement of systemic injustice in work, education, and law enforcement is observed in many countries. Many law enforcement officers are good, decent, and honorable people who put their lives at risk to take care of the people. Besides, some bad apples have to be accountable (Clark, 2020).

It needs to change in such a way to have more transparency.  

In August 2017, a white supremacy rally was held in Charlottesville, Virginia, to draw violent extremist groups and the subsequent violence claimed a young lady’s life.

In October 2018, nine people were senselessly killed at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.

In March, a self-claimed white extremist attacked a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, putting an end to around 50 innocent lives.

Violence response is never appropriate; peaceful protests are.

Racial insensitivity is the reason for a variety of violent acts. Therefore, people need awareness about how other people feel, what this violence or discrimination means to them.

Besides, many people don’t care about people’s feelings. But this makes a gigantic difference in the self-esteem of many people.

The only way to bring the world or a country together is to bring everybody together. There is nothing impossible that one cannot do. If we get to unite, we can achieve everything and can defeat racism.

During the Obama administration, there was tremendous division and hatred.

Violence accounted for 15-17% in the Obama administration, now it has risen.

White supremacist ideology expresses itself in murder if left unchecked.

This ideology is deadly and, fueled by social media, increasing the threat to society is growing exponentially.

White supremacists are delighted to see the cops’ violence and the results that tear apart cities. They are gleeful in the killing of George Floyd and police violence against African Americans.

The groups of white extremists are so involved in the violence creating societal problems related to systemic racism.

In fact, most don’t like to see what happened to George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

The biased statements are more likely to fan the Flames of prejudiced disparities resulting in divergent reactions rather than fostering people (Americans) together in the outrage over George Floyd’s murder.

Such a system must be there where the people are held accountable for what they have done.

Also, there must be a justified law and order system where people will get treated fairly.

Increased efforts are needed to disrupt the networks of White supremacists. Thus, it demands to educate law enforcement personnel about white extremism and public awareness that this violence is intolerable.

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